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In my place

Hang Duong Thuy
• Recenly, I've added BEAST into my fangirl world *laughs*. Jang Hyunseung and Yoon Doojoon are my bias.Keke ^^

• I've been reading manga since I was in 2nd or 3rd grade, back then to finish reading a single volume of Doraemon took me 'bout 1 or 2 days but now I can finish 5 to 10 volumes of any manga in an hour. ^^

• I'm a HUGE fan of NEWS. I really really really like them, in other words, I LOVE NEWS!! They are a part of my everyday life, I listen to their song at night, when i go for a walk, when i'm tired, sad or extremely happy, even when I go to school or do my hw. They're so special to me. :) Even if I can't meet them in real person, I'd be happy just by seeing their smiles, their baka sides, seeing/listening to Ryo's old-man-smiling-style, Pi's lips, Kei-chan's stupid stories, Shige being bulled, Tegoshi's singing, Massu & his food.. (lol)
Uchi & Kusano, it's the best if they come back with NEWS but if it would not happen then I hope they will success in their own careers.

• I like Mr.Children's music, it moves me every time i listen to their songs, sometimes I cry, too. I'm the type who can easily cry when listen to music ... i don't know if it's good or bad ...lol

• I've watched so many dramas that i can't even tell which one is which..lol, I love Hong Kong dramas, Japanese dramas, some Korean dramas are good but generally I don't like them much cuz there's nothing new in those dramas, Taiwanese dramas, um, how can i say, I can just pick out 'bout 5 dramas/series that I like the best, but to tell the truth, I think TW- dramas are a bit too ridiculous and poor..

• I like animals, except for spider, bugs, snake or anything like those... I love Dogs & cats the most, I have a white kitty now , it'll be nice if I have a dog ^^
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